Mornings with Spence

Spence, mornings 5:30am – 10am!
A little about me… I was born in Mankato and raised on the good side of the river North Mankato!
I am a product of the Mankato Public School system and am a graduate on Mankato West High School.
I did continue my post high school education as well. I have an Auto Mechanics degree from SCC. I also spent two years at MSU, Mankato. Then transferred to Brown Institute in MPLS where I earned my broadcast degree. I also have a certificate in Bartending.Some of my hobbies include hunting and fishing, softball, darts and golf. I’m also married with two children.

Huge fan of all of the local bands and independents that travel through Mankato.  I still really love going to see live music!!
Here are some of my Podcasts!

I have more interviews on my Sound Cloud page- Click here


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