Posted: Thursday, 14 November 2013 8:13AM

BEC Fair Board Appoints New Leadership and Discusses Audit

MANKATO (TEC News), November 14 - The Blue Earth County Board held their annual meeting Tuesday night with lots of discussion and leadership changes. Kelly Marks, Three Eagles Communications Station Manager was named President; Dennis Urvan with the Mapleton Journal is the new Vice President and Tiffany Emery with Shady Oaks Campground was named Treasurer.
A lengthy discussion was held between board members and the shareholders about money allocations, new leadership and new placement of the fair. Marks says in order for the fair to succeed, a new location is one of their best options:
A rumor was also floating around about a possible audit of the fair board funds. Marks states that it is true and it’s solely being done because of the new changes in leadership and that it hasn’t been done in years:
A shareholders meeting will be held in January to continue discussions and talk about moving the fair to a location in Mankato to boost attendance and success.

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